Why using the law of attraction to fake it until you make it is wrong?

Using the law of attraction while faking it until you make it will NEVER WORK! why? you life is the reflection of you. so if you want to manifest anything you want in your life.
It has to feel true NOW not faking it. faking it means you fake your manifestation so life will fake your manifestations.
Here’s how you manifest with the law of attraction. first you visualize, everyone knows that. this tool give you the ability to energize and be more clear about your desire to manifest. Then you have to act on it to create the manifestation. But if you fake the feeling of already having it, you will not be in the right state to create your desires.
And you also have to work on your “shadow self” as they will be things inside of you preventing from getting what you want like disbelief, bad trauma, behavioral patterns etc…
to manifest faster than ever. first visualize, then put yourself in the state of what is the end result, then release any limitation related to that state. here’s an example so you can understand better.
you want love but when you try to be in love with your self you remember something bad that happened to you. that will be a problem in your manifestation.
you release that stuff, then put yourself back into the state and see if you still feel bad. doing so will expand your state into more self love. and releasing the “bad” stuff related to that state will expand the state of self love.
more real state of self love will bring more self loving people in your life because like Buddha said “where the attention goes energy flows. so that’s it. instead of faking it
just be real pout yourself in the state that will give you the end result you want, then release the bad, expand the state and when the opportunity appears you will act because the end result feeling of getting what you
want is real in you, so you’ll manifest the right desire. did this help? let me know in the comment.
Thanks for reading!

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