Why the law of attraction is past due in 2020?

Is the law of attraction outdated in 2020? The secret to the law of attraction is that there is no secret about it. We believe to use the loa, We have to DO something really special to manifest what we want in our life when in fact its so much simpler that we thought.
In 2020 the loa is not the loa anymore. it’s all about being free from now on. here’s why. in the past we thought that we were separated, we thought that we only were human being.
But now the world has open more and more to the truth that to really manifest our dreams we have to be REAL! Not fake it until we make anymore. that is old.
To really attract your dreams and the real life you want. you have to be your true self. to be the real you. that’s the only way you’ll be able to manifest naturally without efforts.
To manifest is to create, to create is to act towards the things we really want i our life. So the law of manifestation is not about “attracting” anymore.
How can you attract when in fact everything around you is YOU? we don’t attract, we manifest. here’s why… your “outer” life is the reflection of your “inner” life. Just by analyzing your body
language i could say exactly what kind of life you’re manifesting for yourself. What your life reflects is everything that is subconscious in you, even the things you don’t know you have in you.
So to be able to manifest in 2020 we have to heal ourself from everything that’s not us because that way we will “feel” like us, and because of that we will act like us. and because we act like us we attract what’s us!
It’s not about manipulation anymore, its about being real being YOU. By being you, you will manifest more of what YOU want naturally.
Thanks for reading!
Richer Morin

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