What to do when shattered/hurt on the inside

Being shattered and broken inside can be tough A LOT. Doesn’t matter who you are poor or rich, had a good or bad family. In our own way we all went through a phase of what i’m i doing here, why do i feel like shit all the time and that’s because we are human. 

I myself almost died 3 times in car accident. Is it possible to heal yourself enough to start feeling happy again instead of always be like there’s a piece missing in you? YES. the first thing we have to do is to find out WHY we feel that way and then heal that reason.

Yesterday i was reading some quotes and one of them said, thoughts becomes things! i hate when i see this. Every self-help people is trying to MANIPULATE themself out of their unhappiness and shitty lifestyle.

What do you think happens when you start manipulating your mind? it tries to manipulate you back because what you get in you get out. So many people read the Think and grow rich book. Every one says it changed their life. Here’s the truth! that book was to help people become rich. LOL There’s still only 13 000 millionaire in a world of 8 BILLION people and that’s since 1937… and people say it changed their life. Lol

And that book is all about manipulation of one self by repeating same freaking Affirmations all day long.

Yes Napoleon Hill met a 100 people that were rich and successful but no one took the time to ask! WERE THEY TRULY HAPPY! 

I don’t believe so cause they would be more millionaire today. NO?

So what to do when you are broken inside. STOP MANIPULATING yourself with affirmation binaurals and all that BS.

INSTEAD start finding the reason why shit happens to you? in “thoughts becomes things” why don’t we ask the real question. Where thoughts come from, what create that reaction from my mind.

Your mind is only the reflection of who you are! use it to guide you, not manipulate you. AGAIN! what you give out you get in. so if you manipulate your mind what do you think it’s gonna do?

Think about that broken part of yourself and make sure you are in your body and focus on the question…

Be with that feeling of being shattered then ask the feeling and life, where is it coming from… my childhood, my past relationships, my past lifes…

Ask and you shall receive. Instead of trying to manipulate FIX, fix the reason why you feel that way.

Here’s how take the time to heal that feeling you feel inside of you, or maybe it’s a thought, a physical hurt pain or something else.

Then take both of your hands at waist height, focus on THAT “reason” then imagine it goes into your hands and when you feel it’s in your hands… throw these feelings, thoughts into the sky the universe.

THEN come back to that feeling of being shattered and hurt inside and see how you feel now about the same thing. if you still feel like shit, just rinse and repeat this hands Technic.

Hope this helped. Let me know if it worked for you. What do you feel now?

Richer Morin

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