what if i can’t let go and/or i don’t believe i can do it… manifestation talk!

I was thinking i should make two post about these subjects but i’ll do my best to help with both cause fixing them it is the same principles.
So letting go first, how do we do that? the real question, if you really want a real actionable answer is this… What is in me that makes me not wanting to let go. you see everything in your life
is the reflection of who you are. To be able to let go you have to find why you don’t let go. here’s the four main reason that are typical. it could be an emotion, a mental, a physical and/or
if you believe in that an energy that is happening in and/or around you that needs to be healed or released. example you are thinking about the dream, the business, the career and you can’t let
go maybe because you are too excited about the dream! ok! what do i do with the excitement? You release it. How? Take both of your hands at waist, imagine that this feeling/belief of excitement goes into your hands. you don’t have to
believe this. Just Do it. then you take these feelings/beliefs and throw them into the universe. come back to that feeling. do this until the WHOLE feeling/belief is gone. And it is the same thing with the “What if I can’t do it?”
do this again and again until you focus on the dream and feel free from it. if this Technic doesn’t work let me know in the comment as i know other simple Technics to help.
One thing i wanna say before i’m done writing… heal EVERYTHING!!! positive and negative feelings/belief. WHY? I’ll explain with a simple example.
So you think of something that is positive to you, then you explain how you feel about that thought to someone else and they are like OH no! that is so wrong cause for me this is super negative.
Healing positive and negative attachment will set you free because your whole comes back to neutrality. When your being is in neutrality the effect is this… your mind comes back to stillness.
isn’t what all these spiritual woke gurus all talk about. to come back to stillness you have to go beyond Postivity and Negativity itself. I hope you understood my point here.
Thanks for reading! What’s your humble opinion?
Richer Morin

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