how to raise your vibration instantly for the law of attraction to work

So how do we raise our vibrational state to be able to use the law of attraction properly. One thing first! The loa works even when you sleep, even while you’re reading this right now.

Here’s another we attract by the way we act or react in our life. and these two are things that relates to the vibration or state of consciousness you are in. That’s why people like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale say the best state to manifest from is Gratitude!

But how do you express gratitude all day when you feel like shit. here’s how… The first steps is to take the time to FEEL your presence and body in its whole. How do you become more and more present in your body? just do this. sit comfortable, and focus on these questions.

ask then wait for the body to answer pls. if i was to feel my whole body and being here NOW, how would i feel? How would i perceive myself? how would i think of myself? then do this.

close your eyes and focus on your feet, imagine a white light going through your feet then through your legs, your hips, your organs, spine, lungs, chest, upper back, your neck and STOP there! we’re already to much in our heads… Then your arms, your hands and your fingers. How do you feel NOW?

We’re not done yet! now that you feel your body, open your eyes and focus on one point in front of you and DON’T move your eyes but do this… while you focus on one point try to see more roof, floor then more of the left side and the right side. How do you feel when you are in your body and completely aware of your surrounding without moving your eyes?

Next steps! now that you feel your body and are aware do this! ask this question… if my sensitive nerves (the nerves that makes you feel when someone touches your skin) what if my sensitive nerves were to expand beyond my skin, how would i feel right now? Ask this 2-3 times and WAIT for the answer your being gives. Last step but not least…

Ask to your auditive nerves (the ears nerves that makes hear) ask your auditve nerves this. if my auditive nerves right NOW would expand beyond my ears, how would hear and feel right now while being in my body and aware? So in a nutshell…

how would i feel if i was in my WHOLE being, body right NOW? How would i feel if my auditive and sensitive nerves were expanding beyond my WHOLE being?

While focusing on one point. NOW do the same with close eyes. Then to raise your vibration here’s what you do. because you are in your body right now you will feel the difference right away.

here’s what you do, you put yourself in your body, ears, skin etc… then you ask this question. WHAT IS THE HIGHEST EXPRESSION I CAN EXPRESS RIGHT NOW? You wait for the answer that your being gives. then when you feel it, if you want to go further ask it again!

wait for the answer then ask it again. i myself do this every morning and night and it changed my life. WHY?! because doing so creates the habit of my being to always be in its highest expression.

BUT BUT BUT WAIT!!! it’s not done yet! after this what will start to happen that people don’t focus on is the INNER BLOCKS!! you will start to see resistances to that highest expression. WHY?! because we all went through familial trauma good or bad and we’ve been brought up to be like they wanted us to be.

And as a child we were in our highest expression naturally! So now these past familial trauma will try to bring you back to that “STATE” that “PERSON” they wanted you to be here in the NOW moment BTW these trauma will be unique to each of us.

Here’s a simple and easy Technic to release these blocks. It works for 95% of people. When you see any kind of INNER BLOCKS… it could be emotional, physical, mental, energical, spiritual whatever you believe in or perceive. When you see these inner blocks just do this.

take both of your hands in front of you at waist height then IMAGINE (you don’t have to believe this, just DO IT!)… imagine that these inner blocks comes out of you and go into your hands…

when you feel they are in your hands, throw them in the sky and the universe and say thank you then come back to your highest expression and feel if the inner blocks are still there! if they are not, try to recreate them, to recreate the feelings, the thought etc…

if you can’t CONGRATS! You just released a subconscious inner blocks. Imagine the influence it will have on your life. Did you try it? let me know in the comment! if it didn’t work reach out to me and i’ll help you out for free. Thanks for reading!

I hope that was valuable enough for you.

have a wonderful day!

Richer Morin


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