Can you “Feel” things into existence to manifest?

Yes even Dr. Joe Vitale says that But here’s how to really manifest faster. Use the Technic from Joe called “the remembering Technic”.
So you want the love him/her doesn’t matter. you talk as if you were with one of your friends about exactly how he/she is and how you went
to the restaurant etc… take your real desire into existence and take the time to talk about it. here’s how…so hey frank yesterday i check my
bank account it was at zero, i went to buy a lottery ticket after watching my lottery dream home. then i went to sleep.
I woke up went to the convenience bought a coffee verified the ticket and BANG i won 22 million dollar. the cashier was freaking out watching me
in the eyes stocked, couldn’t say a word. and here i am… yo frank are you alright.
See how this story looks real. imagine you talk to a friend about something you’ve manifest BUT that doesn’t stop here. the part that we have to really
understand is you have to FEEL all of what you say WITHOUT RESISTANCES. it has to feel TRUE & REAL for
you when you say all these things. if you don’t its like you are lying to yourself and your friend. You may be asking how do i make sure i feel its true?
Here’s how… while you are talking about that thing you’ve manifested, be conscious of how your whole being reacts to what you say. the goal is to feel excited and
in synchronicity, in same vibration for it to be real to you. so when you talk, while you see these resistances, take both of your hand at waist and see all these
resistances see them go into your hands, then throw them into the universe. you DON’T have to believe it will work. JUST DO IT!
So talk about your memory of your manifestation as it already happened in the past. talk about it to your friend (in your room alone, USE an imaginary friend don’t do that with a real human in front of you. He/She will think you are crazy. lol!
imagine your friend is there. then while you say your manifestation release the resistances with your hands. do that until you really feel ONE with your manifestation.
When you talk about it and it just feels right to you. you got it! now go have fun and forget about it. it will happen when you really don’t think about it.
Thanks For Reading!
Did you try this? let me know in the comment.
Richer Morin

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