how to manifest your ideal job even if you dont know what it is?

The first thing they say is be what you wanna be before its happening in reality, feel as if its already happened to you. That’s right. here’s some other tips. Describe what is it you’d do everyday for life without being paid.
If you were a billionaire today what would you do every day? yes the first we would all do is our bucket list bu what would you do after you did all the things on your bucket list.
It took me years to find my job cause i had to create it. so if it doesn’t exist you can still create your own title.
i call myself a dream life coach a bit different from life coach. make a list of what is it that you naturally do in your life. me, I’ve always been someone who gave advice, helped people for free.
for a long time in my life. then i asked myself what if i could create the perfect job for myself? then i had to learn skills to make sure that i could get people results. so you create a list of things
you’d love to do every day that is related to a job. then find someone who has the skills to teach that job. find a mentor. also to make sure you are in the right state to attract the job you want.
ask yourself this question every day. If i was doing the dream job, what would i do, how would i feel here now? let this question be your mantra for the next couples of weeks and stay open to new opportunities.
Thanks for reading! what your biggest take away?

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