How to manifest love and relationships while letting go

Love and relationships are the best if you know how to let go of the old. They say people with amazing relationship and social life live longer. As human being we always evolve.Lots of us can’t let go of the people that we know are not good for us and it starts from inside out.Usually we don’t want to let go because of inner resistances we have and there’s easy way to do be free from this.

I’ll teach you in this post but first… the BEST way to get the BEST relationships and lovers is to start being in a loving and compassionate state about yourself inside out. My strategy when i help people create their dreams is this. FIX-IMPROVE-INTEGRATE-ACT!

1.So the first thing i like to start with is FIX! what do i mean by that? let’s take the reality as an example. if we have a big heart problem we go to hospital for the doctors to open us up and change our heart physically. But what do you do when it’s not physical and it’s emotional or mental heart pain? We FIX it this way…

2. think about loving yourself right now! use this question to help while focusing on your feet and whole body and ask ‘How would i feel right now if had the same love i have for a kitty, a baby, or a dog right now about myself?” “how would i feel right now about myself if i felt loving towards myself like i do for a baby?” FEEL, Let your being answer, DON’T try to create it! let the answer do its work! Rinse and repeat these questions until you
really feel i!

3. Then you feel it BUT for some of you… you can’t feel it because of your own reasons. i want you to take these  reasons and do this exercise because if you can’t love yourself for real how do you think you’ll be able to manifest the right lovers and relationships if you don’t even love yourself?

4.all your actions are gonna be expressed through “lack of love”! Take both of your hands then imagine these reason coming out of you or whatever they come from… Imagine they are going out of you into your hands, then  throw them into the Universe, the sky and say thank you for taking care of it UNIVERSE!

5.Come back to the love of yourself then see if these reasons are still there. If these reasons are still there. Rinse and repeat the hands technique. If the reasons are GONE try to recreate them. If you can Hands technique again. If you can’t great!


1.FIXING THE LETTING GO! The problem with letting go is not LETTING GO! what yes you hear me right. it’s all about why you don’t let go and fixing that. Just use this technique to do it. It’s called shoulder technique from my mentor. there’s a nerve, a point that turning on while saying a sentence will help you to let go in that same moment.

2.Not tomorrow, the day after but RIGHT NOW! I want to focus on what you can’t let go right now. How do you feel physically, emotionally, mentally and beyond? focus on these reasons while turning on the point between your shoulder and chest. you will
feel a nerve, it’s impossible to miss.

3.While you focus on the resistances of letting go that are inside your being or around, turn on that point and say  something like “even if i can’t let go because of (your reasons) i accept myself, i love myself, i forgive myself and anyone who has something to do with this. then stop turning, take a breath and come back to the resistances of  letting go and if it still there rinse and repeat the technique until you don’t feel it anymore and CAN’T recreate it!


1.Now let’s IMPROVE! what is it to feel love for yourself at a highest level? take the moment to read this text then  do the exercise or do it while open eyes. imagine that a being of love, LOVE that is so powerful comes in front of you. Dont mind about the looks its about feeling here. see white light so powerful that you have to close your eyes as it’s so strong.

2.when that being that is full of love is in front of you “how does it make you feel in your whole body and around you?” “how do you feel now being in front of that loving person?”

3. now that you feel that amazing love… imagine yourself going into that so loving person. you put your feet, your  hips,your chest, your head in his BUT i want you to also feel that being of love filling your whole body from the inside out! so while you are surrounded by this being of love you are also being filled by its love inside of your whole body and all around you. Now how do you feel when you are full of this being of love inside out.
let me know in the comments below!


1. NOW INTEGRATION! while you feel this love inside out… say this to your whole being higher self or whatever you believe in. Say “please i want everything i feel right now to be integrated in my whole being, life now perfectly placed for me. and i would like it to continue to expand and make me grow in all aspects of my life and self all my life! Thank you.” now say thank you to that being and let it go.

In conclusion, everyday ask yourself “how you feel when you love yourself at the highest, what is the feeling of it.” then you fix the resistances. then put yourself in a higher state by asking “what is the highest expression i can express loving myself and others today?” and you integrate it by saying to your whole being “i want you to integrate and continue to increase and expand that feeling throughout every aspect of my being today.”

I CHALLENGE you to do this for a week and not feel different. And also make sure you focus on what is different in the expression of your being doing this this week. Now you may be asking yourself how this is gonna give me lovers and relationship in my life. because you start really expressing this love energy inside out you will start naturally act differently towards yourself and in life itself. you will be able to spot the right relationship and lovers and they will
chase you because this kind of loving person is contagious in a good way.

because you do the same for you. you love yourself so you will see other people who loves themself for real and because of that you will connect instantly. you’ll manifest them subconsciously!

Thank you for reading this post about love and relationship.

Have a nice one!
Richer Morin

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