How to attract the perfect friends for you

First of all to manifest the best friends for you ask yourself this question… are you your own friend? if i asked you to go to the mirror right now while focusing on this simple question, what would be the physical, emotional answer?

If you can’t even feel friendship about yourself here’s what to do. think about being your best friend, being loving towards yourself. How do you feel?

That’s OK if you feel bad. here’s what to do about it. First make sure you are in your body by focusing on your feet and filling up your body with your conscience and opening your vision to the outside world.

Then ask this question! If i was my best ever friend towards myself how would i feel now, what would change in my whole body experience?

Don’t force the answer! just let your being answer and be present to that answer. If you feel any resistances which can be anything like a belief ” i don’t like me” or ” i feel like i hate myself” do this!

Focus on that feeling, mental belief etc… scale it on 1-10 1 mean its not bad at all, 10 being i really feel like i HATE myself and it’s overwhelming!

Then use both of your hands at waist and “imagine” that these beliefs, feelings etc… goes into your hands… then throw/offer them to the universe, the sky and say thanks for taking care of it for me. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE THIS will work just do it.

Now that you know how to release resistances about your own self-friendship, how do you feel? let me know in the comment down below.

Next! our life is the reflection of who we are and that’s why it is important to FIRST be our own best friend. If i wasn’t my best friend i wouldn’t want people to hangout with me. Would you?

Then to ATTRACT the perfect friends here’s a little but simple exercise that really can have a big impact on friend’s relationships. It’s like visualization but with better tools to manifest it naturally.

So before you close your eyes you need this info so you can do it. so lets try it open eyes now so you are able to follow up. Here we go… What would be the best place for you to hangout with friends?


Imagine that place now. REMEMBER to be in your body first for this to work. Are you in your body now? how does it feel to be in your body NOW?

Now, that perfect place with your friends… how does it look? how people that are your friends look? how do they interact with you and others? what kind of energy they have? take the time to answer these because more details equals better manifestation.

What kind of activities do you do with them? do you have a weekly karaoke night, hiking day etc… how do you feel when you see these perfect friends around you (see yourself at the 3rd person, like your out of your body and can see yourself in front of you with your friends)? then the BIG question! how DO YOU look? what’s your clothing style? do you smile? do you feel loving, loved? when you watch yourself at 3rd person, how do you look? how does your skin, eyes look? what about your energy? 

Do you feel elevated energetically when you are around your higher friend self? now try to create as much as you can details all about anything related to senses by asking that same type of questions! More you ask more you will experience this exercise profoundly.

After you really have a CLEAR and PRECISE internal (emotions, mental, physical state), external vision (environment, people, smells, what you hear etc…) of what is the best friends situation for you that you want to manifest, do this!

Now that you are seing perfectly what you want at 3rd person go to yourself in that vision, put yourself in front of that person you are in that friend moment, then see that 3rd person self turn its back to you…

You can do this physically to make it better for now. Now you see your 3rd person self backs, put your left feet into its left feet, right feet into right feet, belly into its belly, head into its head, emotions, feelings, into its emotions, feelings. Take time to really feel everything without preconception. Just Be present to your body and its experience when you do this.

Now ask this! now that i’m my that person and have best friends around me how i feel about myself, my friends etc…? How do i think when i am this amazing person that loves itself? how do i think when im this amazing person who has all these friends?

What does it change in my life to have real friends? how do i feel about myself having all these friends? ask as many question as you can related to sounds, perceptions, mindset, feeling etc…

Like “in what daily state am i in when i have real good friends around me when i need to?” the goal with this exercise is to create what i call a custom state of consciousness to your uniqueness!

So now that you’ve felt what it is for you to have the end result (the perfect friends state) you are conscious of what will make you attract effortlessly real friends. We attract when we sleep and every seconds of the day and state are what influences how our minds reflect/reacts during the day.

Putting yourself in that state every day will start creating the habit of your whole body, being in a state of being a friend to everyone even YOURSELF. So every morning and night for the next 7 days do this exercise. yes it took awhile this first time BUT now you consciously know the “friend” state. When you want to feel it… just ask “what is the state of being a best friend right NOW?” and see how your body experience changes when you ask this question.

Ok now that you know how to put yourself in that “Friend” state… when you are in that state you will act more naturally towards manifesting friends… Cause the ONLY way we manifest is by acting… the last thing i want you to understand is that you will have resistances about it cause if you are here there’s a problem in your life about that for sure. 

So every morning and night put yourself in your body then, ask what is the state of being an amazing friend and having friends, focus on it 15-30 seconds (that’s enough) swim in the state. then when there’s any self-limiting belief, feelings, etc… do the hands Technic or try this one…

Its called the shoulder Technic. First you find the point between your chest and shoulder. its the point that feel sensible when you touch it. it feels like a like ball between the shoulder and chest. Turn in circle on that point while you say this (make sure you focus on the self limiting belief etc…) while turning on the point… say “even if i feel this way about that i accept myself, i love myself, i forgive myself and anyone else who has something to do with it.” then stop turning on the point and breath, relax.

That’s it focus back on the friend state and see if the inner block, limits etc are still there… if its not there anymore, try to recreate it If you can’t recreate it you’re VOILA!. if you can recreate the feeling etc… rinse and repeat the shoulder or hand Technic!

Hope this helped you!

What do you think, did it work for you?

Thanks a lot for reading till here. I know it’s a long text but it takes time to teach these Technics.

Have a wonderful Day!

Richer Morin

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