how to free yourself from doubts about the corona virus (covid-19)

OMG no having tv or watching medias has its upsides. I just learned about the (COVID-19) Corona virus two days ago. Apparently they was 3 hours waiting lines at my supermarket. That’s crazy! I didn’t want to write about this but seing every influencer talking about it online, i’ll do it for you.

Right! as a society the only thing we can really do is let the scientist do their job and find a way to heal that virus. Funny thing at first i thought that corona virus was about the beer corona. apparently a lot of people out there are really really anxious about this and they create catastrophic scenarios about it. Some of you are parents and feel vulnerable thinking about their kids getting it. Some of you have elderly parents, people you love that got the virus.

It can be rough on our emotions and mind going through these times. i was thinking let’s show you 2 Technics that takes 10 sec to 5 minutes to do to help you release these doubts and feelings about the virus. I myself i feel COMPLETELY free from Corona virus even tho i know about it. firstly, i’m not scared because i’m not scared of death and secondly because i did some EFT emotional freedom Technic to release most of the doubts and feelings about it. 

Now please, take a sheet of paper and think, visualize the virus and feel your body, mind, emotions, physic and SEE how you react when you think about corona virus. and write down all these doubts, thoughts, feelings etc… then

Let’s start with the first one on your paper and do this for all of them. Do this shoulder Technic… Between your shoulder and chest you will take your finger and find the nerves that links them together. it feels like a a wired between your shoulder and chest.

Now do this. take your finger turn it on that nerve while focusing on your feelings, doubts about the corona virus and say this WHILE TURNING ON THE POINT! Even tho i feel, have these doubts about the corona virus… i accept myself, i love myself, i forgive myself and anyone or anything that has something to do with it. stop turning on the nerve, take a deep breath then come back to the feeling or doubts. if you can still feel it while you think about COVID-19, see it… do this shoulder technic again until nothing is there. if you can’t feel the limiting feeling, doubt try to recreate the feeling, thought that was uncomfortable and if you can’t. that’s it!

For those this doesn’t work, use this. do the same thing as to feel how you think when you think about the virus see if there’s doubts etc… then take both hands at waist height and imagine these doubts feelings going into your hands. you don’t have to believe this. just do it. then when you “feel” these feelings doubts are in your hands, throw them at the universe the sky. then say thanks for taking care of it universe. come back to the virus thought and see if you still feel the doubts, limiting feelings about it. if you don’t try to recreate it, if you can’t wonderful, you got it. if it didn’t work watch this live Facebook video i just did it’s me doing energy healing on you. 

Anyway wish you a wonderful day and make sure you take care of your loved ones including you

Richer Morin

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