destructive criticism and how to overcome it

As entrepreneur we can get destructive criticism and… you would think that i get really bad critics because im new. NOPE not at all! Even big gurus like Tony Robbins or Sunny Lenarduzzi get criticized.

Its part of life. What ever you do they will always be people who dont like you or do. The problem is not criticism itself. ITS how it makes you FEEL. In this video i will show you exactly how to overcome and deal with criticism and it NOT what you think.

This video is for SERIOUS people only who really want to release the feeling they have when they get criticized. its for people who wants to grow. So we will do EFT, emotional freedom technique that Gary Craig create in 1995. he helped millions of people because of this Technic.

My mentor alexandre nadeau has been using it for years. couples weeks ago he made a live on Facebook and he showed us how to change our relationship with money and i used the same text to inspire me to show you how you can emotionally release yourself from the critics feeling that you’ve been feeling for years.

Anyway tks for reading if you did the exercise in the video what would you like to learn next YouTube video?

Let me know in the comments below.


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