how to overcome shyness and social anxiety

yes shyness and social anxiety and shyness can be healed. in this video i will show you exactly how i overcome these two problems in my life with a simple Technic that ive learned from my mentor alexandre nadeau. it’s called the social pressure Technic.

Super easy to do and super simple to understand. i will do the exercise with you and we will together overcome social anxiety and shyness together. first off make sure you understand that yes this Technic will work for some and may not work for others. my goal is to help as many people to live their dream life and if you have social anxiety and shyness i completely understand you.

i myself had a lot of it and still do today but if you saw me couples years ago you would been like this guy is weird. But now im able to be myself more and more every day because when i see any of these two problem come into my life i use this Technic i show you in this video.

so buckle watch the video and do the exercise with me. if it helps please give a thumbs up to my video and if you have any other video suggestions let me know in the comment below.

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