how to improve any skills instantly that will improve your life

Improving any skill to make your life easier is the way to go. I’m watching a new program from my mentor alexandre nadeau and it brought me back to the right spot which is to focus on improving and stop focusing on just finding problems to make my life better.
I had this bad habit of always searching for problems to fix my life and i was wondering why the F i’m always feeling worst than yesterday. Now i now that because of this “what you focus on expands” so because i was focusing on problems thinking i was making my life better i was making the them stronger and becoming more focus on feeling problematic.
Now i understand that because i focus on what i want to improve my whole being and system starts then to improve and see more things to improve and because of that since the last two days i’ve been feeling more than amazing.
So if you want to improve any skills i’d say follow this simple technique that i’ve learned from my mentor alexandre nadeau.
This doesn’t mean i’m a bad teacher or coach, it means that i’m still improving and if you are a coach and you don’t evolve every day i wouldn’t be your student. I choose mentors based on these two things. do they always improve themself and become better and better everyday then do they have real result oriented results to prove it.
Anyway you are not here to hear about me…  Alex calls it the Genie Emprunter. it’s a really simple technique to do but it will really give you a chance to learn something 2-7 time faster than people who don’t do it. 
a story from one of my mentor clients. he was a hockey practice player that play hockey with national hockey league players and just using this technique before each match he would score 3-4 goals PER match instead of 1-2.  he is not a national league player but if he was that’s millions of dollars more as a hockey player in these leagues. so you now understand how powerful this technic is.
here’s how it works. Because i’m a dream life coach let’s use it this way. 
Imagine for real even if it feel false just follow the concept and you’ll see for yourself. the only thing you have to loose is 10 minutes of your life. see the person you are in your dream life coming towards you and ask it if you can use it as a model for improvements in your life. If it says yes go for it if it says no try a different model!
now how being in front of that dream person you are makes you feel here now? how do you feel the energy of that person makes you feel? describe as much as you can in sensorial expressions. OUTLOUD
when say outloud it will make you feel what you see. that’s when you really anchor that into your life. so you have to make sure that you focus on describing outloud everything doing this exercise does to your epxeriences.
you describe how he she makes you feel and how you see it. the cloths the expression on its face, etc…
see it turn its back towards you. now put your left feet into his her left feet right feet into right feet your hips into its hips your belly into its belly your chest into its chest, your head into its head. and ask yourself this question after you FEEl your in your dream life person.
Then ask theses questions and say outloud
1. What is changing in your state of consciousness when you are one with that dream self of yours? FEEL IT
2. What are you  are focusing on, what are your visual, auditive, feelings perceptions when you are one with your dream self?
3. What do that dream self of yours does in its reality with all these perceptions?
4.How do you take decisions? do you use your body?
FEEL these answer. let the answer come to you. and DO NOT try to use your mind to guess the answer. JUST BE!!!
So you ask these question overs and over again while being present in your body and feel these answers and makes sure you describe as much as possible in ALL details even the most ridiculous ones. if you feel your posture is different talk about it if you feel your mind focuses on different perceptions say it. if you feel an expanding feeling in your heart say it. because
Now still being one with your dream self do this. imagine that this dream self get away from you and goes inside of you. so now instead of you being inside of him her it is inside of you it wearing you like a space costume. Ask the SAME questions again and see what happens
Thank the model of dream self and let it go. now say this. i’m asking to my whole being body to integrate all the leanings ive just got subconscious or conscious and even those i don’t know about. Now imagine you are 10 years from now really 10 years from now after all these improvements have been improving for you these past 10 years how do you feel what has change in you? Now imagine 50 years later. you are the age your suppose to be at that time you’ve been evolving with your dream self teachings for 50 years how do you feel? what does it change in your life? in yourself now that you’ve been evolving for 50 years with your dream self?
Now i ask my body and everything about me to integrate everything ive just learned and i ask it to integrate perfectly for me and all the aspect of my self my life and everything else i don’t know about. thank you so  much and this will also evolve without me even redoing this exercise or anything else. i will not have to remember it will happens either way. i also will be more and more conscious of marvelous things that exercise creates in me and it always surprises me to see how much im evolving towards my dreams naturally without effort. ONLY because i’m me my real me.
Thanks for reading. what did you get from this exercise. How do you feel right now when you think about your dreams?

Richer Morin

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