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So you are an online entrepreneur earning maybe 6-7-8-9 figure a month and you are stressed out, overthinking your way to more success and or worrying about what people will think of you?

In the self developement community there is many different Technic to heal yourself from that but the problem is not a lot of teachers knows exactly how to fix these problems. they have the Technics but they don’t have the psychology behind how to create a permanent change from these three main problem everyone has in their life here’s a Technic to do so.


i know it seems just too easy but try it and then let me know if it helped you. just follow the steps and you’ll see it’s simpler than you think to release the stress, the ocd thoughts and the worries.

Here we go. i’m pretty sure you know about EFT but let’s use it in a way that will change your normal human behavior.

start tapping under your hand. (check out my video for more deep tutorial) and say this “even tho i feel anxious, worried, stressed about this or that (the emotions you feel, the thoughts etc…) that’s OK i forgive myself for experiencing this, i love myself and i forgive anyone or anything that has something to do with this. 

now tap below your eyebrows and say. im free from anxiety, stress and worries.

side of your eyes brow… anything that i dont know about that is unconscious or conscious about the anxiety, the stress, the worries falls away and is replaced by calmness and openness.

under your nose… all these things that i did in my life that caused me anxiety, stress, worries are falling away.

on your chin. i love myself even tho i feel anxiety, stress, worries. i always start feeling more calm every time these emotions comes up.

the bones between your chest… i accept that anxiety, stress, worries are part of life and reality because that how it is now.

under your arm on your thoracic cage… i feel more and more free from anxiety, stress, worries more and more and feel more and more calm in all crazy situation no matter what.

on your hand between your pinkie and your husband wife finger… i accept that all my being is free of any conditioning related to all these three emotions.

now stop tapping, take a deep breath then exhale while letting go of everything we just said and felt.

Rinse and repeat this exercise until you feel completely calm and free from your anxious, stressful and worrying thoughts and feelings.

hope this helped! let me know in the comment how you feel now about these emotions. 

Peace up rich!

see ya next week


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