When you are sad, what to do to feel happy again?

We all get sad aren’t we? But what if you could come back to happiness faster? some of us get sad for days, months, years. Do you feel happy right now? focus on your body and let me know in the comment how you feel now. 

Ok some of you will say yes im a pretty positive and happy person. here’s a little story about me. as a young boy i’d always be that positive oriented guy even if my family was rejecting me every day and i was the “black sheep” they believed. 

Anyway i was a leader, a good student and everything a parent would want from a kid. I had bad days like all kids but i had good intentions… most of the time. i wanted my family to be happy but nothing i did worked.

16 years old they abandoned me alone in life. had to start working even if it was illegal because my mom didn’t want to sign the paper to emancipate me. long story short. i was still positive and all when in fact… i WASN’T that was my public and fake self. i was traumatized, i was rejected and all. Here’s the point that fits this subject happiness.

It’s when i started to be in my body and re associate myself with the present that i understood that i was really in need of happiness. i saw how much my feelings where hurt, my mind so disoriented. i didn’t have any purpose and i wanted to know where to go in my life.

But anyway. to know if you are really happy… let’s do this example. remember that person that glows, that looks so vibrant and alive what ever they do. that’s the energy of happiness. when we are really happy we can think of anything in our life and it doesn’t affect us at all. Yes i know what the hack! it’s possible to be happy even when you think about all the shit that happens to you in your life. YES

If you knew my life you’d wonder how could i be so happy. this guy is crazy. i still have moment of sadness and when i do… i use theses moments as blessings with what i’m gonna show you here below. when you are sad the best way to be happy again is to do this.

be in your body
be hyper present
ask the right questions
feel the answer

Use question to create new states of consciousness! here! be in your body this way “if i was in all my senses, my whole body, my whole self how would i feel right now?” then just be present with your body and your whole being and FEEL. when you feel start asking it again and again to really create that state and make sure that you FEEL it at it’s fullest before going to the next step.

now you want to be hyper present. feeling your body will give you so much advantage in your life because that’s where you REALLY connect with reality. That’s where you’ll be able to see the synchronicity. people wants to see synchronicity in numbers object friends and such when in fact you know you are on the right path when you see it inside out. they call it a gut feeling. that’s how you’ll be able to know that the outside sign will be true. cause you will feel it’s time! you have to be in your body to be able to see again that you can trust yourself.

SO to be in your body first then hyper present. ask this question now. “Now that i am in my body how would i feel right now if all my senses where 1000X stronger and expanded what would in my epxerience here NOW?” Now FEEL! rinse and repeat until you feel it at its fullest.

I Always say ask the right questions. the questions you ask will always give you an answer. if you are scared you could ask “if that fear was completely gone right now how would i feel here now?” or “if i was in the highest feeling of unconditional love right now how would i feel what would change in my experience and feelings here now?”

Do you feel different right now? The next steps is to always feel the answer! first be hyper present in your body. have an end goal, ask the right questions that will improve your situation here now to get to that end goal. by doing this all the time you will naturally start to live from the unknown and experience one thing… everything evolves as life equals evolution. 

So to be happy we release the shit, we then re create a state of happiness by asking the right questions, we release the shit again that prevents us from being able to feel happiness more because believe me or not you will start to see one thing. THE STATE OF HAPPINESS CAN EVOLVE!!!

Thanks for reading until here. let me know what you think and what you want me to talk about tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

Richer Morin

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