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is there any way to create our dream life faster? In 2008 i learned about the law of attraction but i already knew intuitively about it… it just proved to me that i was on the right path to manifest my dreams BUT after 2 years of working on what they teach in the movie the secret i was DONE!!!

I was kind of pissed because i couldn’t find how to release that inner self limiting stuff that was making me attract bad situation ALL THE TIME in my life. For two years i would do affirmation EVERYDAY!! I would visualize myself in the end feeling and all of the good stuff they teach us about the loa.

The problem was this… i couldn’t believe and feel the end results naturally without efforts. i always had to repeat freaking mantras in my head and do all sort of manipulative Technics

I was annoyed by how much work i had to do just to feel and believe the dream life would happen for me. Then i had to find how the freak do i create that dream. In 2013 tho i met my mentor Alexandre Nadeau which had helped already 17 000 people to live their dream. he had put $200 000 travelling around the world to learn about people who had what he called “miracle talents” around helping people live their life’s dreams.

In 2016 he create a training called “Une vraie façon de créer la vie de vos rêves ! Vraiment !” and i loved it because for the past 8 years i was searching for exactly what the law of attraction wasn’t teaching which is how the freak do i release, feel naturally what i want in my life as if it was already true today WITHOUT efforts.

Now 2020, throughout theses past 4 years I’ve been developing a way to really create our dreams based on my past 20 years of experience in the self help domain. i learned from all the big gurus starting from Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale and much more. 

So here’s what I’ve came across that is the how to create the life of our dreams. the first things we have to do is to know that if we were a billionaire today and did everything in our bucket list like travelling, having all the materialist stuff and all others things you have on your bucket list.

then it is to find what is the ONE thing that you do every day. what is the one thing you would do every day even if you were doing it for free as a billionaire. when you know that ONE thing, you’ll be on the road of your dreams because knowing that one thing… now you know exactly what is the ONE thing that will give you everything you want.

example in my own life. i wanted to help people live their dreams so i followed my mentor in his dream life training and learned how he was doing it. so the first step is to find the ONE thing, then find someone who is doing it at a mastery level. then practice, practice, practice and become a master at it in your own life. By practicing you become better and better every day and that start to make you a master at it. then i started teaching how i do it. 

so first step find the ONE thing. find a mentor doing it. become a master at it. start teaching it cause that way you’ve just created a way for you to earn money from your passion. that’s my own suggestion. if you do not want to teach it work in it. put yourself in the environment where you’ll be able to work on it as you want. 

BUT here’s the REAL problem the movie the secret don’t talk about and it is the INNER RESISTANCES!! they teach us to be grateful and all and FORCE ourself in that state but how do we makes sure we feel our dream life as if it was already happening for us and make sure it become more and more real without having to repeat affirmation or having to write down positives and grateful things to HAVE to be grateful. I’m here today to prove to you that doing all these things can help but they are limiting in a way because we always start from the same thing. Like Albert Einstein used to say.

Being crazy is trying to fix a problem by doing the same thing over and over again. After a 100 years of this affirmation trend in the world of self help, do we have more happy people on the earth? Have we evolved in our happiness yet or we are just success reachers?

So to be able to really create that dream life we have to BE that person in our dreams and we all know that from people like Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks. We have to FEEL the end results. OK cool! but HOW do i feel it naturally without efforts every day?

Here’s how. First things first now FEEL the end result of the ONE thing you want to BE in your life. No need to be the one thing first just start with something you know. if you don’t know what it is yet try to remember when you were a kid and what you loved to do most of the time. then you release the inner blocks. We attract what we are even when we sleep

From the age of our birth to 7 years old that’s our MOST important time in our life. That’s when we are conditioned the MOST. most of who you are and how you act today is based in that age time frame, so when you do the FEEL the end result of you living your dreams. Here’s what you do. 

feel it, then also be conscious of any any inner resistances related to that feeling. the reality is we put to much efforts into details. we think we have to manipulate ourself with binaurals and all kind of shit when in fact our mind is the reflection of who we are consciously and subconsciously. The mind show us our positives and negatives attachments, inner resistances!

so because you put yourself in that feeling state you will start to see how it is impossible and possible to achieve the dream and that’s usually related to stuff that happened to you as a child. as child we were perfect but society molded us to what they wanted our parents to be as they did with us. we were in our highest expression and that feeling end results is THAT highest expression and we have to heal EVERYthing that is related to that feeling of your dream life. 

every morning ask yourself this question “what is the highest expression i can express today?” & “what is the feeling i would feel right now if i was living my dream life NOW?” by repeating and FEELING  the answer of these questions you will start to REactivate your true energy self so you will start to really BE you and then the inner resistance will start to pop here’s what you do when they pop…

take your hands at waist and focus on these inner blocks. then see them coming out of your being and going into your hands. no need to believe just do it. when you feel they’re there throw them into the universe and say thank you. then breath, come back to your highest expression and see how you feel now. 

do this again and again until satisfied and fulfilled or until the inner block can’t be recreated. i mean when you are not able to recreate the emotion, mental, physical, energical, spiritual pain. you think about the thing that was there, try to recreate the feelings etc and if you can’t feel it anymore. that’s when the inner block is gone.  let me know if it helped

So in a nutshell, its not about affirmations and manipulation anymore. its about naturally feeling the end state of what is your WHOLE dream life state of consciousness, then releasing the inner resistances. for the path to get there… you just need a mentor. by being in that state you will start to see the unique opportunity for you to create that dream of yours and because the state of your dreams becomes more and more real and free of resistances to you… you will naturally act towards the opportunities what ever if you are scared or not because what is true to you is true to you.

Hope this helped. What do you think? have you learned something? what is your own dream life?

Richer Morin

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