how do i locate the pain and do the inner work?

To be able to locate the pain and heal it, you need to know these things first. Let’s start with this! We are all unique and the same at the same time. I know confusing right?

On a gigantic way we all are connected through quantic energy. on a unique level we all have and had a different path in our life. you can’t take two humans and say they are the same on all levels.

even twins are different. now knowing this, pains are specifics to your unique path.

There’s different kind of pain. the most common are mental, physical, emotional, energical and spiritual pain BUT some of us are starseeds, some empaths, some clairvoyant and more… I myself had a lot of pain related to these gifts because i was using these gifts subconsciously as a child. I saw harry potter and i believed magic was real lol. Anyway, i had to heal myself from the stuff i emphatically took subconsciously in my life from people i loved.

Now you know the kind of pains. the best pains to heal which are usually the worst and best things that happened to you in your life. we call them positive and negative trauma.

Why positive is included? example every time you’d be mad at your mother as a young girl or boy she’d start giving you love. for you that’s positive so now subconsciously when you need love today in your life you get mad and you don’t know why. that positive trauma creates that mad pattern.

Ok how do you find the best pain to heal? in my own coaching i teach my clients to choose the BIG dream, the things that they couldn’t live without doing. then we work on the end results state of it to make inner subconscious pains pop up in the conscience… Where energy flows attention goes. 

So when we put ourself in the state of consciousness of the end results we want… it usually naturally make subconscious inner block come up in the conscience. Example you want love but to get real love you have to feel self love.. 

So We put you in a self love state and at first it feels amazing but when we start increasing the power and experience of that state it dissipates away and you can’t feel the self love state anymore. That’s because of inner blocks!!

now we have to focus on why is it so by feeling ourself while we are in that state at the level we can feel it. and we also ask life, our being, to show us what could be the problem.

So because we are working towards our dream state we are going to create a fast quantum jump into our dream because what we are all day we manifest even when we sleep!

BUT for those here who just want to find pains now. Just ask this question every day and you’ll start seing theses pains more and more.”what is the highest expression i can express today?” this question will start bringing you in a higher state every day and by doing so you will start seing inner block that prevents you from being your true highest expression.

then when you see these inner blocks do this. take your hands at waist and focus on these inner blocks. then see them coming out of your being and going into your hands. when you feel they’re there throw them into the universe and say thank you. then breath, come back to your highest expression and see how you feel now. 

do this again and again until satisfied and fulfilled or until the inner block can’t be recreated. i mean when you are not able to recreate the emotion, mental, physical, energical, spiritual pain. you think about the thing that was there, try to recreate the feelings etc and if you can’t feel it anymore. that’s when the inner block is gone.

for those who want to do it for THE dream state, it’s the same thing but instead of asking what is the highest expression… ask what is the highest state related to my dreams that i can express now?

Tip, focus on how your body, mental, physical, emotional, energical, spiritual… bodies are reacting to this question. the trick here is to be open to novelty and new experience. by doing this every morning and every night which takes only 15 second you will start changing your life slowly but profoundly.

I challenge you to do this for a week and not feel differently good. Did you follow the process i gave you? did it work for you? let’s socialize! comment below.

Thanks for reading and i wish you a wonderful and amazing weekend! Take Care 

Richer Morin

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