How to release disease from your body while gaining true inner happiness

disease from your body can be release with commitment and persistence. And yes the side effect of it is you start having Real inner happiness as healing your body is also healing anything that kept that dis-ease real in your body. It could have been that a physical pain was related to an old trauma you had in your past that was still here in the now through physical and emotional pain.


My mentor alexandre nadeau has had fibromalgya for 20 years, he would have to sleep 10 hours per day to be able to feel the right way to go through his day. last year he was tired of that and because he believes that everything is possible and he challenged himself to heal his body from that fibromalgya. It took six months of 5-6 hours monday to friday to work on it! 

Now he is free of it. i will learn exactly how he did it at his new Shamanic formation on april 18-19 but for now i can teach you how you can release A LOT of bodily pains. 

I myself got in 3 car accident, almost lost a finger when i tried to copy wim hof, the iceman technique and ran 5 miles outside in short and shirt in a weather of ice cold -39 with wind in montreal canada in 2015. my finger was white and i couldn’t feel it so i use what i’m going to teach in this blog. Hope you are excited.

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This technique is call the “Silence State” The first thing i want you to do is to BE in your body first. I understand for some of you it can be hard as you feel really hurt but just follow my steps and you’ll see its worth it.

To be in your body do this. make your eyes immobile and make sure you dont move them and do what i say to do here. fix a point and try to see more roof and floor and more left and right WITHOUT moving your eyes. now see your conscience going from your brain to your feet and feel more your feet and see your conscience fill up your body like water and see how you feel different when you do that.

You know when you feel emotion and stuff. i want you to take what makes you feel emotions and stuff and expand that feeling beyond whole your body and aura etc… and see how you feel different doing that.

see your auditive nerves going out your head 360 and start hearing all the sound 360 of you. 

How do you feel now that you can feel your whole body, can hear 360, and see all your visual? how your experience change?

Now say this… i talk to my body and whole being now… i want you to integrate that feeling that state and make sure it continue to expand and evolve everyday even i f i forget about it. and make it real and integrate in all aspect of my life here now. thanks.

ok! take that time now to close your eyes and do the exact same thing. that’s now time to start the silence state. its the same exact process of when you have your open eyes but instead you do it closed eyes.

A reminder:

  1. be in your body, 360 hears, full perspective eyes vision, full feeling expanded beyond all your body
  2. close your eyes and do the same


Explanation closed eyes. now you see what you see closed eyes focus your eyes in front of you and see more of what you see without moving your eyes more high more low more left more right and try to see even behind yourself doing this.

Hear that place do your 360 hearing. ask what do i hear here now in this place. what is the sound of silence. let your body answer. how do i feel here now being in that silence and hearing it more and more.

How do you feel there. feel that silence that place you see closed eyes. how do it feel when that i see closed eyes goes through all of my being and beyond.

Now you are in silent state. Do you remember that feeling?

ok! now focus on your body disease and scale on 1-10 where your pain is. 10 means the worst! then when you took a mental picture of the pain. do the silence state.

Forget about the pain and only focus on being in the silence state and asking yourself this. if that state was more and more powerful right now how would i feel?

when you feel a shift or change in you and its done, come back to the pain.. do this again and again until you are healed.

It can take awhile but you will feel a difference right away.

Did it work for you? Let me know Down below

Richer Morin

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