Can you really manifest love and change your appearance at the same time?

YES.OK! I know right now you’re thinking what! this is really possible. in a way’s why. we are not really physical appearance itself. your body express the energy you are most of the time and that is why I’ve included manifesting love relationship into your life too. i did it because if you really are in love with yourself you will attract love in your life really easily.
In fact if you love yourself people are gonna be naturally attracted to you because when a woman or a man loves himself/herself he glows. Isn’t? We are made of the universe, of energy. the way you feel about yourself will be the way your energy express itself. and by being in love with yourself.
With time and practice you will start to really glow physically. your physic will start to change in a beautiful way. why? your physical appearance is related to your energy and how you feel about yourself. you could take a beautiful person and make this person really unhappy and this person would start losing his/her beauty because we all know depress people don’t look beautiful.
They made a scientific test where people would say love affirmations to a water then they would say hate affirmation to another water. what happened is that the hateful water was different than the loving water. the hateful water cells were all dysfunctional and the love water cells were so beautiful.
your physical appearance change with your mood. if you love yourself for real you will manifest self care to yourself in all aspect of your life and being. you will take care of your physical appearance, you will love yourself naturally and because of that you will reflect self-love and people are attracted to that. add some self care and bang you will with time become more and more beautiful naturally.
so self love makes you more beautiful naturally and makes your physic become much more beautiful because you glow self love and happiness and that makes anybody SEXY!
Do you agree? do you think that loving yourself for real will make you more beautiful.
Thanks for reading!
Richer Morin

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