Why ONLY the mindset is the wrong way to go with the Law Of Attraction?

WAIT!! I know most of you are thinking “who the F is this guy trying to debunk one of the biggest concept of all time about the law of attraction which is what we focus on is what we get more of?”

Give me 5 minutes to explain to you my point of view based on my 20 years experience about life and humans. I’ve put myself in really bad situation to get theses experiences so i could be here today and have a REAL understanding of what i’m going to talk about here. 

YES you are ALL right, our mindset has a BIG impact on what we achieve in our life. The big problem about humans is they will not question why something is true or not because of who said it. If the president of the united state said that the world was in fact flat, would you believe it?

Fucked up comparison but whatever, i made my point. So coming back to mindset. Gandhi, Buddha, Mooji, Eckart Tolle… they all say it’s about mindset and being present which is why so many people as of today are doing meditation, yoga or any kind of “spiritual” practice. 

A still mind is a still life they say! So as human and society we decided that this mindset was the true way of living a great and happy life which is good because we’ve evolved a lot these past 100 years compared to the past 1000 years. We’ve achieve a lot like Napoleon hill’s book taught us to do. And that is! WAS! all true before because we believe for a long time that our mind is what we are…

I’ve always been someone who questioned everything. You wouldn’t have loved me as your child. LOl! Like you study for your career… i was studying life, people as long as i can remember. I was always fascinated by why and how people would do what they do and what made them do it.

4 years old, I had this paradise and Eden’s dream idea when i came on earth. i thought here i was in even but when my mom in that old Chevy 1994 green forest car said to me “Rich we all die”! I was crying like a baby for at least 20 minutes. My mom was yelling shut the F off (in her head) while trying to stay calm and comforting physically. I was a WOKE kid.

9 years old, Talking with my drunk father for hours upon hours within a 7 years time frame and having a mom that was super depress all the time plus a brother and sisterhood that saw me as the devil. i understood that yes mindset is a big part of our life…

But every time that one of them would react to me, to what i was saying because i was a smart ass at that time… every time they would go in their mind trying to react to me… i then understood that they would also subconsciously go in their body right before their mind reacted. i understood that every time something bad happened to them, they body would be moving differently then their mind would start talking through their voice…

That’s when i understood that people are full of SHIT. By shit i mean we are full of our past of our future even our desires! i understood that the mind is just a part of us which is there to replicate the truth good or bad. The way you react to someone is the way you already reacting to yourself inside of you, in your emotions, experiences, thoughts etc…

If i was to ask you right now think about something that is always re-happening in your life and you want it gone but it doesn’t go… think about it now, when you think about it do you JUST feel it in your mind? Yes sometimes it is just a belief and we can’t really consciously know why it’s there BUT 

Here’s my hypotheses, our mind is just a pure thing trying to show us what’s UNPURE in us. We say our mind is so powerful! Ask yourself this question right now PLS follow… what is giving so much power to my mind now? repeat that question three time and i want you to focus your attention on your whole body and beyond and see where things change when you ask this question.

after awhile there’s something i understood. we are much more than just a mind and what gives the power to the mind is US!!! As child we just took everything in like sponges. TODAY our job is to release ourself from everything we took for granted as kids, everything adults said to us, friend or anyone we say as an authority. This is because we’ve been brought up into a “who has the power” mentality. when you heal yourself from shit that still in you today, you will start to be happy again.

We dwell so much in the past and the future when in fact the present is the best places to be but we don’t wanna be there because of how we feel in the present because of what happenned to us in our life. We are still living our past and future here now which makes us incapable of SIMPLY being!! Why so many people get drunk? To have fun! This complies that we are not having fun when we don’t drink. Yes you can drink and still be happy without but if you HAVE to drink, there’s a problem.

Don’t get me wrong i’m still going through my own shit but every day of my life i feel freer more and more because i do the work. if you would have met me last year, or the year before you would see how much I’ve evolved and how much happier i look today even if i went through a lot of trauma in my life.

Last friday i was doing a free call with Lanna Diamond a wonderful women with a wonderful spirit but she was hurt inside so much that she said “i never felt love”! after 42 minutes she said “i’m so grateful and happy now that i can feel this loving energy going through me”. She is 55 and she never felt love and after 42 minutes she does. How is it possible? i asked her to feel herself in the NOW moment we talked and focus on what was there focus on why it existed and then healed these. Now She can feel love.

This story is to show that what i’m saying in this text is proven and it works. it’s not about ONLY your mind anymore. it about you, your emotions, your hurts, your positive or negative attachments. We have to stop KEEPING everything in and start freeing ourself from everything that’s stock inside of us for us to really start living in the NOW moment. Remember your mind is the door to your being. It’s like a lot of us know the eyes are the door to the soul, so why not the mind to our being!

Anyway hope this makes sense to you. I’m just being inspired to write this because that’s my job in this lifetime to help you with your dreams and for that to happens you have to be your dream, to feel like a dream so the dream can express through your actions and all but if you are feeling like shit every day and needs this or that to be happy… this is just temporary happiness which can be great but what about REAL PERMANENT HAPPINESS cause yass it exists. Don,t you think so?

Thanks for reading until here. What do you think? is this text helped you?

Have a great one

Richer Morin

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