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Our Mission

Is to invest in Montreal
communities by renovating
homes and helping hard
working Montreal families
achieve their dream of

Are You Realtors?

No, we are not realtors. We
are local investors looking
to buy your home for cash.

How Much Will
I Make?

1.No realtor fees or commission (save 5-6% of your purchase price)
2.We evaluate your home to see what types of renovations are needed.
3.We close fast so you don’t need to hold on to the home for months costing you thousands in carrying costs.

My home isn’t in
the best shape, will you buy it?

*We are a renovation
business too
*We don’t make big
deal about the
*We buy homes in any

Don’t i need an agent to sell my home

*You will need a lawyer to sell your home they do all of the paperwork as per the law
*Don’t need any agents or middleman to complete the paperwork

Are you discrete?

*We work with you one on one to make a fair cash offer

*We realize that some folks don’t want to deal with countless buyers walking through the home.