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Richer Morin has been in the Self-Help wold since he was 9 years old. Now 29 and being an expert within his own life , his goal is to teach what he mastered to others and to help as many people as possible to live their dreams.

The man on below has been his mentor for 7 years now. he was a close student of Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler…

Give Richer a chance and he will prove to you he’s worth it.


Intro To The Green Pro C

Imagine being a fan of plant and taking 20 years or more of your life studying about them.what they do for your body and everything else.

then imagine you took years of improvement and testing to make sure all these plants creates a “symphony” in your body. That’s what Markus Rothkranz did for the past 20 years or so. that’s what’s is in this product.


  • More than 77 hand picked wild plants in the product itself. You can’t get that in a shop anywhere in the world. I challenge you!

  • Buying any of Markus’s product creates jobs from all around the world. These plants comes from the real wild environment. some even from mountain as high as nepal mountain.

  • All herbal formulas from Markus Products are non-GMO, organic or sustainable, and wildcrafted. “Sustainably wildcrafted” means harvested by hand, from virgin wilderness far from civilization.

Vitamin C

Did you know that pretty much all the vitamin C on the market are FAKE! meaning they get lost in your toilet.

  • Most people in this world are in lack of vitamin C. It’s a Fact! Go See pubmed the medecin online journal

  • People in far country smoke cigarettes like chimney but they die at old age like 100-115 years old. it’s because they eat food with ALOT of vitamin C 

  • Every winter you get sick and have a cough and you don’t know why! It could be LACK of Vitamin C… most of the time!

Night Rebuild, rejuvenation made easy


The next step is getting the right sleep. did you know that the hormones that gets you in better physical health are created between 10 pm and 2 am? That’s when your body rejuvenates. here night rebuild, a formula that gives you these hormones whenever you go to sleep

  • If your STRESSED, middle age or a bodybuilder, this is for you. PS: it is for everyone too!
  • It helps provide RESTFUL sleep and hormone production
  • includes pure magnesium malate which is what everyone in this world is missing and magnesium malate help you relax your body, nervous system, muscles and much more 

Powerful Prebiotic Fiber


The gut is the second brain they say. how can you prove that? here’s how… think about a day when you felt like shit and remember what you ate the day before. we are what we eat and for a reason. Prebiotic are your savior!

  • Give your gut the exact plants that will SUPERPOWER your gut shield and production
  • A healthy gut is a heahtly brain
  • Poop like you’ve never popped before
  • better gut better skin too

Seamoss, Natural Wringles Saver!

Do you have wrinkles? I do and it is a pain in the as#$ to get rid of them. Do you know why you have wrinkles? let’s explain it this way. a car stop working properly when there’s no oil. it is the same for us. collagen sea moss is there to give you that inner oil needed for our skin to replenish and be flexible. NO MORE WRINKLES!

Want The Whole Package


You are serious about being healthy and want a real fast solution? you are exactly at the right place. Instead of buying one by one buy the whole package. it is simpler!

  • you can get all of marcus products in different package that fit you the best.
  • the one i love is the starting over and the 3 months detox
  • ALL of these products are handpicked, NON-GMO, free from pesticides and all kind of shit.
  • go check the testimonials down below and you’ll see what i mean.

We Give Back 5% Of ALL Our Revenues To Heifer International

heifer international donation

Pure Hempworx CBD Oil

“I never thought cbd would have helped me in my life. the first time i took it i felt an urge of relaxation in my whole nervous system and body.” 

Richer Morin

hempworx cbd testimonials

Markus Rothkranz Testimonials 

Please take the time to read all of these powerful, life-changing testimonials. I’m getting so many amazing stories from all over the world, I needed to share some of them with you. I want you to know what’s possible, and inspire you to a new way of living. Many of these are what some would call “miracles”. It’s what happens when we simply do things that way nature intended. From health problems to personal freedom issues with prosperity and relationships-here is living proof it works!

Love and Light- Markus

Take a few minutes to read what’s happening!


Markus – I will NEVER unsubscribe! I have realised that the more I learn from you and nature the less I really knew about life in the past but I am finally TRULY happy and I can’t believe that I can experience this happiness while I’m still alive, all because of you!


If it weren’t for people like Markus Rothkranz I would have been dead years ago, “Pancreatic Cancer Survivor”


Markus, I cleared up 30 years of Psoriasis and cured my Type 2 Diabetes without meds.


I am learning so much from your videos. I have healed myself from type 2 diabetes.


Your Green Formula helped my sister’s son heal fast from 2nd degree burns. Here is the proof that it really works!


My journey this past year is testimony to how powerful I am, what a trip “Heal Yourself 101” life changing book – to help me walk again coupled with an incredible mind I never even knew I had until I got sick. THANKYOU


Following the advice from your book helped clear up a severe digestive disorder that after 8 years of suffering!


I came back from the dead (saw my body on the floor O_o)..and then i found you and your ways Markus. I found the new way to see and I sought if someone else knew what I was feeling about life. I found you Markus.


I’ve eaten the way you teach for 11 months and healed Diverticulitis


Wild force greens have healed my twin flame of ovarian cysts and both of our hypoglycemic issues, and we have taken EVERYTHING….. we are so grateful to you 😀


I started drinking your cactus aloe smoothie several years ago and my Crohn’s disease that $1300.00 a month medication could not help is now gone. 30+ years of struggling and pain, now gone!‬


I had a blood test done with a top nutritionist in Utah with 30 years experience. The doctor said I have the blood work of a 18 year old male and wanted to know what I have been taking, When I told him about your powders and showed him what was in them he made copies of what was in your powders and made a comment to continue to take them for the rest of my life. As you can see by my test that your protein powder, greens and the vitamin C are in her words are beautiful. Blood tests don’t lie. Honestly markus gods truth I have never felt so good in my life, from a year ago I was 286 lbs now I am 145 lbs. (I lost over 100 lbs!) I don’t look as good as you, but I feel fantastic. One of these days markus we are going to have a bet who can walk the longest in the desert. Thank you Markus and Cara for everything:) We want everyone to know you and Cara have helped a lot of people with all your products and inspirations. Thanks


My Acne which I have had for nearly 30 years has cleared up after nearly trying everything. Just want to to say a big Thank You! for your Heal Yourself 101 book.


After drinking your Aloe-cactus drink everyday for three weeks and I’m happy to tell you that stiffness and arthritis are gone. It is amazing! One of my helpers had arthritis for 11 years and now she is free and making this drink to everyone who wants to try it. It is just great.


Before I heard of you guys, I was taking 5 medications ..mainly for depression. But not anymore!THANKS FOR SAVING MY LIFE! Everybody asked me how can I be so optimistic after everything that’s happened to me. So I tell them, “I take 1 cup of Markus and 2 scoops of Cara everyday.””


Three weeks raw vegan using your protein, energy, green formula and night rebuild formula, and I have my first big news. I went to the eye doctor today, and my eye prescription went from -5.75 to -3.75. It’s been the same since about 8th grade, and a week ago I noticed my glasses were no longer comfortable. …and I’m doing this to heal my head injury from a car accident! I didn’t expect my eyes to get better, but it’s a great side effect.


(Cactus Aloe drink) ‪This is what healed the high blood sugars i was having !!


I completely changed my diet because of you. Have lost weight, my allergies are gone, asthma gone, hot flashes and night sweats gone, and stomach aches gone. I feel like Im twenty something again. I sleep well now and my skin has improved drastically. Its an amazing feeling to have control of my health.Thank you!