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*The Most Complete & result oriented Blueprint To Create Your Life’s Dreams WITHOUT Having To Change Yourself Or Do Some Kind OF Brainwashing  Technics Like Affirmations, Binaurals etc…*

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THE 7 WEEK Richer Life PROGRAM 2020 ($2.000 NOW–>$597)

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What is

Richer Life 2020

The Richer Life 2020 Program is a 7 week online program
with the specific goal of manifesting a Dream Life Faster and getting it running and achieved in as short of time as possible with step by step proven methods taught by Self Help Expert Already Living his Dreams

Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the entire program which begin by showing you in a step by step to pick your Dream Life plan with ease, build an Action plan, and use super easy Technics to heal the inner blocks preventing you from acting on the action plan.

The program will then focus on how to scale these Dreams as FAST as possible using new cutting edge Technics to improve anything 10 times faster than normal

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This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience. Through the 7 week course you will get everything you need to build Dreams in successful ways, pick the right plan of action and get Actions done easily while getting rid of the inner blocks preventing you from acting naturally without efforts. You will be shown how to turn this into a Destiny of YOUR choice.


Richer Morin has been in the Self-Help wold since he was 9 years old. Now 29 and being an expert within his own life , his goal is to teach what he mastered to others and to help as many people as possible to live their dreams.

The man on below has been his mentor for 7 years now. he was a close student of Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler…

Give Richer a chance and he will prove to you he’s worth it.

alexandre nadeau montreal

Alexandre Nadeau has taught to 25 000 participants through his training seminar. 19 years of experience. More than 700 pages of testimony of results!

If Alexandre has became recognized and known in the Self-Help World, It is not because of good marketing, or being on tv… In fact, he became known for one reason only…

He change a lot of lifes!


living your dreams

Week One

Intro To Your Dreams


The first two weeks of this program are ENTIRELY dedicated to getting results as fast as possible (Big dream, the Dream plan, results NOW)


  • Everything you need to know about the Dream Life and designed for a TOTAL beginner

  • The exact ways to pick your Perfect Dream Life and spot exactly how to achieve it FAST without changing your Self

  • How to build your Dream Life Action Plan For REAL Results Fast and ensure that you are naturally acting towards your dreams almost effortlesly

Week Two

Creating the Dream Plan

create the dream plan

The first two weeks of this program are ENTIRELY dedicated to getting results as fast as possible (Big dream, the Dream plan, results NOW)

Week 2 is about the most important part of your Dreams… Picking an Incredible Dream Life

  • You will see how to source the perfect dreams with no Hard Work from ways most self help gurus don’t know of

  • Learn how to know BEFORE you start acting towards your dreams which action will get you faster there and which will slow you down

  • Discover how to spot Inner blocks before you start acting towards your dreams so you just act naturally without thinking

Week Three

Creating Result Oriented Actions


The next step to having a thriving Dream Life is knowing how to actually GET THERE. Just visualization and wishing thinking will not cut it anymore

  • Design your Dream Life Action Plan easily without any headaches
  • See how to use this Action plan to release the inner blocks that prevents you from manifesting these action naturally
  • Simple Technics that will triple your natural actions towards your dreams without forcing yourself
  • How to use visualization to know what these inner blocks are and how to release them without using affirmation or binaurals
dream life action plan

Week Four

Creating Your Dream Self


state of consciousness

Most Dreams fail flat because people don’t follow up and don’t believe they can do it. So they don’t! The key to great creation of dreams is great experience in your whole being, body. I will walk you step by step on how to use state of consciousness to create PERMANENT inner change in your life without lifting a finger LITTERALLY!

  • See how to create the EXACT state of consciousness you want to experience daily in your life Imagine if you could choose any emotion and feel it on DEMAND
  • Learn how to use states to change inner blocks in your body, mind, emotions etc… in MINUTES
  • Increase natural flow of blessing through actions by using these special states
  • Create a new Self Image using these states while adding to yourself the best state you want to experience daily.

Week Five

Improve ANYTHING in minutes (for real) 10 times faster

The way we learn didn’t really improve for the past 100 years. In this section you will see how to get an unfair advantage in leaning anything you want faster while everyone else say it takes 10 000 hours to become a master at one thing. That’s completely FALSE. What if you could do it in a 1000 hours instead?

  • You will learn passive and active 1-2 minutes Technics you can use to learn while you sleep
  • You will see exactly what to say, what to focus on, and what to do to improve passively and actively EVERYTHING you want in your life
  • You will see exactly what to choose to improve first to get that specific result you want
  • See EXACTLY what you can improve today that will create breakthrough like tony robbins likes to say
improve anything you want faster

Week Six

Release what doesn’t work


Release what doesnt work

Everything we need to become a master MANIFESTOR of our dreams

  • Improve then release the blocks, this will SUPER POWER your manifestation powers for REAL and to a level you’ve never seen before
  • Super advanced 1-2 minute Technics to release the worst that happened to you in your life… trauma, bad habits…
  • Getting people you love to change WITHOUT lifting a finger. you have to TRUST me on this one
  • Advanced 1-2 minute Technics to release things that are subconscious and blocks the achievement of your desires even if you’ve been trying for years
  • How to track exactly what will change your Life without havingto research

Week Seven

Create Your Own Destiny

Now that we have all these tools to create our Dreams and turn any obstacles into a blessing experientially it’s time you see exactly how to DOUBLE your results from  what you’ve already learned in this program

  • This is a total crash course on EVERYTHING I know after using these Technics for 7 years now
  • The exact way i use the Technics i taught you to HYPER SPEED
    your results.
  • The type of results you can get from combining multiple states, Technics and knowledge you already have to create your own unique destiny that goes beyond your imagination.
  • My morning, night routine that takes me 5 minutes to do (really 5 minutes) which gives me an advantage to Manifest effortlessly faster than ever
Create Your Own Destiny


Bonus #1

Shamanic State


shamanic state of consciousness

Shamanic State is one of the most powerful state I know at this point in my life and it does things that are for the scientific world impossible to do. Still today I learn about this state A LOT! This one cost me $600 To learn

  • How to use the shamanic state to change anything in your life when i use this state people around me change and you can’t even see the difference between when i do the state or not.
  • Ways to work with this state to get access to information from Gaia, Universe, God, Past Lifes, and much much more
  • Super advanced way to use the shamanic state to do… what you think i’m gonna give you all away. this one is a suprise
  • How to use the shamanic sate to heal almost any physical pain, people you love, animals, object etc… NOT joking.
Bonus #2

Soulmate, Twinflame State

soulmates, twin flames state is also one we have to experience. So many people search for the ONE! Imagine being able to heal all your love problems. PRICELESS ($997+)

  • How to use this state to Manifest the ONE without searching every where
  • Ways to work with this state to get access to information from past lifes, future lifes soulmates, twin flames. What if could heal the roots of your love pain
  • Super advanced way to use the soulmate, twin flames State to cut the cords of past relationship that still have impact on your love journey TODAY
  • How to use the soulmate, twin flames state to heal your heart, your soul’s heart, your past relationship and anything that is still impacting you today, all about love.
soulmate twinflames state of consciousness
Bonus #4

Exclusive Bi-Weekly Webinars

Sit down with me Bi-Weekly LIVE and ask me anything you want.
richer morin live webinar
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The Richer Life Master Mind Group

The #1 way to grow as an Manifestor is to interact with like minded successful Manifestors. When you join Richer Life 2020 you are going to get access to our exclusive customer only Manifestors group where you can access our coaches at any time and get super fast help on
any issue that is blocking your success.

Even better you will be linked up with other successful Dream Life Creators and see whats working and stay on the cutting edge of the Manifesting world by being in the most elite Manifesting Facebook mastermind group ONLINE.

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THE 7 WEEK Richer Life PROGRAM 2020 ($2.000 NOW–>$597)

Free Updates For  Life


2 Live Q&A/Week For LIFE


I Give 5% Of ALL My Revenues To Heifer International

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Full Money Back Guarantee

Unbelievable Guarantee! After you’ve watch the whole Richer Life 2020 program and you’ve explored all the Technics, you have a lifetime from the day you’ve bought the program to decide if these Technics are efficient to you or not!

That means, you can watch the ENTIRE PROGRAM and see if it creates changes in your life and if you find that my teachings are really bad quality, you can write me at [email protected] to ask for a refund WITHOUT any fees and with a great attitude from my part.

You Having NOTHING to loose by testing my work which helped me A LOT in my own life and the life of 25 000 students from my mentor alexandrenadeau.com from the past 20 years!

My goal is to GET YOU  RESULT! If I can’t get you Results, I Pay you back!

The offer Price IS ($2.000 NOW–>$597) 

You can get access to everything for $597


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